Venue Reviews

Madison Fashion Week Fashion Designer:

Alex Rose was one of our featured Artist at @Madison Fashion Week. She sang and played her original songs and cover of new pop during the runway show. All our guest enjoyed her presence, talent and performance. 

We highly recommend her. She is professional and such a talented artist. 

Thank you for performing  at Madison Fashion Week! 

Jegie Carrera

Founder/Madison Fashion Wee

Raw Artist’s Rave Milwaukee Director:I recently had the pleasure of directing the RAW: Natural Born Artists art showcase in Milwaukee which featured an amazing young talent by the name of Alex Rose. She was such a beautiful and kind hearted spirit to work with, not to mention her amazing voice and chops on the guitar. I vividly remember her receiving a standing ovation during her sound check from all the visual artists who were setting up their booths at the time, which is rare. Typically the visual artists are so focused on their own presentations for the showcase that they will ignore what's going on on stage. For this particular talent, they couldn't help but to take a break and enjoy her wonderful set. 

As the director, I'm pulled in every which way to make sure that all 50+ artists are satisfied, to make sure that the guests are happy and to make sure that the stage performances are running on time... the venues hate it when we go over. With all that was happening I made sure that I was able to view Alex's performance and even made time to speak to her family back stage after she completed her set, such a fun and loving family they are. I definitely look forward to being able to work with Alex Rose again in the near future. 

Fan Comments & Reviews

“This girl has a powerful presence.”

“If she is not on every billboard out there in the future something is wrong with the music industry.”

“I cant believe she is 13 and can sing that good.”

“I got my first autograph from Alex and was so excited to meet her before she sells out stadiums everywhere.”

“She is so down to earth and is just real. That’s why I like her so much!”

“She takes the time to talk to everyone after she sings and makes you feel like your her best friend.”

“She is just real!”

“I am from Nashville and cant wait for her to come back down so I can meet her. We are the same age and I look forward to hanging out with her and hearing her sing.”

Music INdustry professionals

Jeff M. Dixon (R&B, and pop Artist/Producer/ Mentor)

Alex met Jeff through a local friend and has also taken Alex under his wings to help her in the music industry. Jeff keeps in touch weekly on how Alex is doing and offers advice to her as she is writing new songs. He will be producing her music coming out this summer. She is excited to work with a terrific artist and producer. She can not wait for her songs and first music video to be coming out this summer.