Alex Rose is a 13 year old singer and songwriter. She is inspired from life experiences when she writes. Her first song “Repaired” is out streaming on all platforms. Her talent was first discovered when she went to a recording studio in Nashville at age 12. The producer of the Record shop “Gio’ gave her a call and said she has something really special and offered to mentor her.  He has produced for many artists  such as Tim McGraw, Big & Rich,  and John Legend just to name a few.  Her cover song “ Dancing on my own,” was recorded there and  was placed into a online competition and had over 100,00 votes and won second place.  She decided she really had a love for music and taught herself guitar in about 4 months. She hopes one day to write songs for movies and sing for everyone. The people close to her know what a kind heart she has and would give the shirt off her back if someone needed it. Her other favorite thing is fashion and makeup. So she decided to design her own shirts with some fun sayings that are about some of the songs she wrote and wanted to  give a positive feel. It is a fun t-shirt line to make girls and boys a like feel good about themselves with fun saying’s. There is to much bullying out there and everyone needs to come together to take a risk to be friends with others even if they are different from yourself. 

Be Unique!